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Developing Psychic Armor

Every so often a word or phrase comes along that explains a rather complex concept with brevity and clarity – — here are a few examples: groupthink — a word that refers… Read More

Is Depression the Same Thing as Grief?

Grief is much a part of life as any other emotion we human beings experience —  it is indeed one of the things that defines us as human.  Bereavement, whether from the… Read More

Risk Factors Associated with Teen Depression

A study conducted in the United Kingdom suggests that teens whose mothers were depressed during pregnancy were more likely to be depressed themselves, especially during late adolescence.  The research team followed 4500… Read More

Trusting your Intuition (i.e, "Gut")

In yesterday’s post, I referred to an excellent article by Darlene Lancer regarding self esteem and what we tell ourselves, and inevitably I brought up Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy by… Read More

We Think, Therefore we Are

My junior high science teacher had a large poster hanging in her classroom with vignettes of various scenes:  a skyscraper, a child crying and other miscellany.  Underneath there was a caption that… Read More

Eating Disorders Unrecognized in Overweight Teens by R Mandanah Stockton

Research conducted by the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota reveals that physicians are failing to recognize eating disorders among teens who were overweight or obese at one time. Lead author Leslie Sim, clinical… Read More