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Can you Still get the Flu if You've had a Flu Shot?

Being a fairly disciplined person, especially when it comes to writing, I’ve been able to stick with a fairly tight publishing schedule re News on the Home Front — at least I… Read More

Different Demographic Hit Hardest by Flu This Year

Severe complications among flu patients are occurring in a different demographic than is typical for influenza; while most strains hit those over 65 and those younger than five the hardest, this year’s… Read More

This Year's Flu Hits Younger Adults the Hardest

Health officials are urging people who’ve not been vaccinated against the flu shot to do so — especially if they are aged 25-50.¬† In the state of Arkansas, the average age of… Read More

Recent Research Boosts Flu Shot Cause

The results of two recent studies further emphasize the importance of getting a flu shot, just in case you need convincing. Jacob A. Udell MD, MPH of the University of Toronto¬† conducted… Read More

Flu Shot Beats Leeches and Bloodletting

The other evening I did what I consider my civic duty every fall: I got my flu shot. Of all of the vaccinations administered every year, the flu vaccine is the only… Read More

CDC: Not too Early for Flu Shots by R Mandanah Stockton

The CDC presented some encouraging news in a press release held by the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases; the number of people who got flu shots in 2012 was generally higher than… Read More

Is it a Cold or the Flu? by R Mandanah Stockton

Much of the nation is experiencing the first noticeable cool snap of the season — football weather abounds, and with it, the promise of an upcoming cold and flu season. ¬†Despite the… Read More

Annual Flu Vaccine Beats Blood Letting by R Mandanah Stockton

Of all of the vaccinations administered every year, the flu vaccine is the only one that has to be given annually — this is because there are so many different sub-strains within… Read More

AAP: Get Your Child the Flu Vaccine Early by Mandanah

Although fall won’t “officially” be here for another few weeks, Labor Day is typically what we collectively consider the end of summer, so it seems appropriate that the American Academy of Pediatrics,… Read More