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SSRIs not Linked to Autism, but are They Effective?

Seratonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) have been around for over two decades, and controversy surrounding them is as abundant as it’s ever been. For example, there have been concerns that the use of… Read More

Is Depression the Same Thing as Grief?

Grief is much a part of life as any other emotion we human beings experience —  it is indeed one of the things that defines us as human.  Bereavement, whether from the… Read More

Risk Factors Associated with Teen Depression

A study conducted in the United Kingdom suggests that teens whose mothers were depressed during pregnancy were more likely to be depressed themselves, especially during late adolescence.  The research team followed 4500… Read More

Trusting your Intuition (i.e, "Gut")

In yesterday’s post, I referred to an excellent article by Darlene Lancer regarding self esteem and what we tell ourselves, and inevitably I brought up Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy by… Read More

Daddy Anger, Daddy Sadness by R Mandanah Stockton

  Here’s a multiple choice question for you – Your husband might be depressed if he does which of the following: a) takes a sudden interest in skydiving b) has lost interest… Read More

Why is He so Angry? Maybe He's Depressed by R Mandanah Stockton

    Word choice matters.”  That’s what Lisa Martin, professor of health policy studies at the University of Michigan had to say in response to study results published in JAMA Psychiatry on… Read More