Is Depression the Same Thing as Grief?

Grief is much a part of life as any other emotion we human beings experience —  it is indeed one of the things that defines us as human.  Bereavement, whether from the… Read More

Pets Make us Kinder, Gentler

We’ve all seen them, those commercials that air for about four minutes describing pets who’ve been abandoned and left to suffer — I can hardly bear to watch them, and I’ve heard… Read More

The Fat vs Fit Debate by Rachel Stockton

A study published earlier this week in JAMA Internal Medicine helps to clear up some of the debate on whether or not it’s possible to be overweight, yet metabolically healthy. Study Details… Read More

Texting Has Limitations

Body language expert Patti Wood recently wrote an article citing a study involving infants and how they interact with their mothers.  Researchers discovered that if an infant does not receive an immediate… Read More

Recent Research Boosts Flu Shot Cause

The results of two recent studies further emphasize the importance of getting a flu shot, just in case you need convincing. Jacob A. Udell MD, MPH of the University of Toronto  conducted… Read More

Flu Shot Beats Leeches and Bloodletting

The other evening I did what I consider my civic duty every fall: I got my flu shot. Of all of the vaccinations administered every year, the flu vaccine is the only… Read More

Exercise Your Body, Strengthen Your Mind

For the last month or so, I’ve been subscribing to Lumosity, a brain training program that strengthens various facets of cognitive ability — speed, memory, attention, flexibility and problem solving — in… Read More

Risk Factors Associated with Teen Depression

A study conducted in the United Kingdom suggests that teens whose mothers were depressed during pregnancy were more likely to be depressed themselves, especially during late adolescence.  The research team followed 4500… Read More

Trusting your Intuition (i.e, "Gut")

In yesterday’s post, I referred to an excellent article by Darlene Lancer regarding self esteem and what we tell ourselves, and inevitably I brought up Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy by… Read More

The BPA Debate Continues

It’s no small wonder that there’s controversy regarding BPA (bisphenol A), a chemical used in the manufacture of polycarbonate plastic –  seemingly contradictory studies abound. BPA is highly prevalent in the manufacture… Read More