Facts about Ticks

June 1 begins the height of tick season in most areas of the country. From June through August of every year, thousands suffer from tick bites — most of the time, without… Read More

February: National Heart Month

February is National Heart Month — most of us know that know the key to heart health is a diet rich in fruit, vegetables and whole grains along with an active lifestyle…. Read More

Ex-Smokers Report Significant Mood Improvement

Linda K has tried to quit smoking in the past, but never makes it more than a few days. “I admit that I haven’t truly committed to quitting in the past, and… Read More

Addicted to the Internet

We are a nation of addicts — and I don’t mean that are many of us who are addicted to illicit drugs, street drugs and alcohol — there are. But as human… Read More

Got Vitamin D?

I live in the Ozarks, and like much of the rest of the country, the area has been particularly hard hit by consecutive winter storms leaving large swaths of ice, snow, and… Read More

Can you Still get the Flu if You've had a Flu Shot?

Being a fairly disciplined person, especially when it comes to writing, I’ve been able to stick with a fairly tight publishing schedule re News on the Home Front — at least I… Read More

Different Demographic Hit Hardest by Flu This Year

Severe complications among flu patients are occurring in a different demographic than is typical for influenza; while most strains hit those over 65 and those younger than five the hardest, this year’s… Read More

A New Way to Look at Oats

Apparently, I’ve been looking at “whole grains” in a skewed way. Typically, I associate them with breakfast, (oatmeal and whole grain muffins, etc), and quite frankly, I’m not a big bread, oatmeal,… Read More

Obesity Fight Goes Global

The fight against obesity has gone global. The International Association for the Study of Obesity is encouraging governments to do something about the obesity epidemic, which will ultimately lead to a chronic… Read More

This Year's Flu Hits Younger Adults the Hardest

Health officials are urging people who’ve not been vaccinated against the flu shot to do so — especially if they are aged 25-50.  In the state of Arkansas, the average age of… Read More