The Benefits of Growing Older

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Staying Active After Retirement

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You CAN Protect Your Memory

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Medicare Reminders

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Prescription Drug Costs: The Bane of Medicare Beneficiaries

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Strong Bond Beneficial for both Grandparents and Grandchildren

      A study conducted by Sara M. Moorman, assistant professor at Boston College accentuates the strength of the grandparent/grandchild bond. Her research concludes that grandparents who share a reciprocally supportive… Read More

Plant Based Diet Reduces Diabetes Risk, Lowers Blood Pressure

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Ex-Smokers Report Significant Mood Improvement

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A New Way to Look at Oats

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Cognitive Training Provides Long-Term Benefits

Several months ago, I started daily training with Lumosity; after a couple of months life got hectic and I failed to keep up. I’ve hesitated getting started again because I’ve been afraid… Read More