Top Heart Healthy Diets, Pt 2

As mentioned in our last post, at the end of January, US News and World  Report gave its annual ranking of the best heart healthy (as well as other top diets, such as those for weight loss) diets, some of which you may not have heard of. Yesterday we gave an overview of half of the highest ranked diets for cardiovascular health. Here’s information on the rest of them.

  • The Engine 2 Diet – This diet is plant based and was begun buy a former triathlete and current firefighter in Austin, TX. When one of Rip Esselstyn’s fellow firefighter discovered he had a cholesterol level of 344, Rip inspired the entire station (Engine 2, hence the name of the meal plan) to support their friend by living a plant based lifestyle. In addition to a book by the same title, Esselstyn has developed a blog and newsletter to support and motivate others who choose to rid their diets of meats, dairy product and processed foods.
  • Dr. Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet This diet was created by health guru Dr Andrew Weil. Designed to reduce inflammation in the body, the plan focuses on an “abundance of fruits and vegetables,” along with nuts and healthy fats. Dr Weil’s website is an excellent source of information regarding a healthy lifestyle, as well as scientific data about the negative affects of inflammation in the body.
  • The Flexitarian Diet – this diet is described by author registered dietician/nutritionist Dawn Jackson Blatner as the “mostly vegetarian way to lose weight, be a healthier prevent disease and add years to your life. Including in her book by the same name, the author provides recipes and meal plans that add flavor and variety to vegetarian meals
  • The Mayo Clinic Diet – The Mayo Clinic Diet is the official diet of the Mayo Clinic. The diet is designed to become a way of life, and consists of 2 phases: the first phase is a 2 week period designed to jump start weight loss, followed by the maintenance phase.
  • Vegetarian Diet – This one’s self explanatory; there are actually 3 types of vegetarian diets. First, there’s the vegan diet (mentioned above) which excludes all animal and dairy products. A lacto-vegetarian diet consists of plant food and dairy products. And finally, there’s the lacto-ovo diet — a meal plan that is based on plant foods plus dairy products and eggs.

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