Medicare Reminders

If you enrolled in Medicare before 2016, consider yourself very fortunate. Starting this year Part B Premiums will be substantially higher for 30% of Medicare beneficiaries.  Which 30%? New enrollees. They will pay approximately 52% more for Part B coverage due to higher Part B spending.

Why the annoying phone calls?

Aside from the changes in co-payments and premiums, the number one question that comes thru our office is: Why does [the insurance provider] keep calling me on a regular basis?

Whether asking about medications or offering to come by the client’s home for a basic wellness check-up, clients are getting annoyed by all of the calls.

There is one reason and one reason only for those inconvenient inquiries: CMS requires insurance providers to call their beneficiaries to encourage them to take their medications regularly and as prescribed, to stay on top of routine checkups, etc. Whether or not clients actively engage in preventative health measures affects their star rating.

Truth be told the providers are just as annoyed with having to make those calls as you are to receive them.


  • It’s no secret that prescription drug costs continue to increase. Keep in mind that if you have prescriptions for tier 3. 4. or 5 drug and they are cost prohibitive, contact the drug manufacturer, They may be willing to assist you with the cost of the medication
  • To avoid a potential scam, remember that your insurance provider will never ask for your social security number over the phone. Some of our clients have received bogus calls asking for their SSNs and other vital information


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