Month: December 2013

Exercise: The Cure for Whatever Ails Ya

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the new year to begin — ready to get back into my routine and to start feeling like myself again — I’m feeling… Read More

Breaking Bad [Habits] and Keeping Resolutions

This time of year I find myself actually looking forward to the end of the holiday season — going nearly a month without my normal routine starts to drive me nuts. And… Read More

Concussions Linked to Alzheimer's

There has been growing concern about concussive injuries and neurological problems later in life — last week, the NFL and the National Institutes of Health announced they will team up to further… Read More

Tomatoes Provide a Litany of Health Benefits

If there is such a thing as a miracle food, the tomato is it. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism is publishing the results of a study led by Adana Llanos… Read More

The Real Reason Bond Liked His Martinis Shaken, Not Stirred

The British Medical Journal’s current issue “exposes” the real reason behind James Bond’s penchant for having his drinks shaken, not stirred: tremors from alcohol withdrawal. A group of researchers analyzed 12 of… Read More

Need for Immediate Medical Attention for Stroke Victims Critical

“Debra” went into a medical clinic for a routine check-up — after the procedure, the 60 year old was getting ready to leave the clinic when she turned to her husband and… Read More

SSRIs not Linked to Autism, but are They Effective?

Seratonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) have been around for over two decades, and controversy surrounding them is as abundant as it’s ever been. For example, there have been concerns that the use of… Read More

Anxiety Linked to Stroke Risk: Study

A study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine has shown an association between anxiety and a higher long-term risk for stroke, according to a news release by the American… Read More

Is Depression the Same Thing as Grief?

Grief is much a part of life as any other emotion we human beings experience —  it is indeed one of the things that defines us as human.  Bereavement, whether from the… Read More