Month: September 2013

More Children Admitted to ER with Concussions by R Mandanah Stockton

The newest issue of Pediatrics is reporting that the number of children coming into the emergency room with head injuries is climbing exponentially. A study conducted by Dr. Holly Hanson, emergency medical… Read More

CDC: Not too Early for Flu Shots by R Mandanah Stockton

The CDC presented some encouraging news in a press release held by the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases; the number of people who got flu shots in 2012 was generally higher than… Read More

Diet, Exercise Reduce Arthritis Pain by R Mandanah Stockton

Last year, while watering my tomato plants my flip-flop caught on the edge of our driveway and I tripped; as I went down I heard a nauseating snap.  After an extensive MRI,… Read More

In Sickness and in Health by R Mandanah Stockton

A study published in the September 23rd issue of the Journal of Clinical Oncology shows that cancer patients who are single are less likely to survive than those who are married. The… Read More

Is it a Cold or the Flu? by R Mandanah Stockton

Much of the nation is experiencing the first noticeable cool snap of the season — football weather abounds, and with it, the promise of an upcoming cold and flu season.  Despite the… Read More

Mrs Obama Challenges Food Marketing Tactic by R Mandanah Stockton

There are so many fun things we can do with our children and grandchildren:  walks in the park, reading books, playing soccer or basketball, going to the grocery store. . .NOT!  Taking… Read More

Teen Health Habits Improve by R Mandanah Stockton

A new study conducted by the University of Massachusetts shows that American adolescents are eating more fruits and vegetables and are getting more exercise than they did ten years ago. For the… Read More

Prevention Key to Stemming Severe Childhood Obesity Trend by R Mandanah Stockton

A couple of months ago, the CDC reported that childhood obesity rates are leveling off in many states – that’s good news. Here’s the not so good news:  according to the American… Read More

Eating Disorders Unrecognized in Overweight Teens by R Mandanah Stockton

Research conducted by the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota reveals that physicians are failing to recognize eating disorders among teens who were overweight or obese at one time. Lead author Leslie Sim, clinical… Read More

Annual Flu Vaccine Beats Blood Letting by R Mandanah Stockton

Of all of the vaccinations administered every year, the flu vaccine is the only one that has to be given annually — this is because there are so many different sub-strains within… Read More